Postdoc position is now open in the Team "Cardiovascular calcification, mechanisms and therapies"

About the Project
The Bensimon-Brito lab ( has a fully funded postdoctoral position for 2 years to work on the mechanisms of cardiovascular calcification in zebrafish and in vitro models. The main goal of the project is to identify the role of specific-cell types in the initiation of the calcification phenotype. For that purpose, we will use multiple genetic tools including mutant and overexpression transgenic lines. Furthermore, we will use our disease models to perform a large chemical screen and identify new therapeutic targets.

About the Team
This position will offer opportunities to collaborate with a strong group of cardiovascular researchers and clinicians. As a young group, we are very passionate about science and new challenges. We maintain open discussions with national and international research teams to promote the flow of new ideas and collaborations. The lab environment is very focused on mentoring and internal collaborations to ensure global and individual accomplishment.
The Marseille Medical Genetics (MMG) Center is located at the Campus Hospitalo-Universitaire de la Timone, Marseille. It is a multidisciplinary research unit hosting competitive groups, including the DevCard department, focused on cardiovascular development, disease, and regeneration.

About the candidate
We are looking for an enthusiastic researcher open to multidisciplinary approaches and development of new methodologies. This project will include single-cell RNA sequencing, live-imaging microscopy, hiPSC tools and chemical screens. Experience in
cell culture and/or microscopy and zebrafish are a plus but not mandatory.

If interested, please contact