Postdoctoral position in Neuromyology Translational Team

Postdoctoral position

U 1251, Marseille Medical Genetics (MMG)

Insights into the pathophysiology of neuromuscular diseases through actin and myelin organization measurements


Duration : 24 months from September 2018

Contact: Valérie Delague, valerie.delague(at)univ-amu(dot)fr

Website :


Neuromuscular diseases are a broad group of clinically and genetically heterogeneous hereditary conditions, which affect nerves (Inherited Peripheral Neuropathies, Motor neuron disease and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia), the neuromuscular junction (myasthenia) and muscles (myopathies, muscular dystrophies), with significant disability and early mortality. The A*Midex project Neuropol brings together expertise in biology/biochemistry and optics/photonics (Institut Fresnel) with genetics/rare diseases (UMR 1251 ) biologists  in order to contribute to the diagnosis, therapy and pathophysiology studies of neuromuscular diseases through the development of novel optical instrumentation and molecular tools that will allow molecular-scale, real-time measurements of myelin and actin organization in cells and tissues (muscle cells, neurons and myelinating Schwann cells).

The goal of this postdoctoral project is to develop the biological models (human muscle biopsies, mouse models, in vitro PNS and neuromuscular junction) of the two key structures whose compromised integrity is a functional signature of NMDs, both in normal and pathological context: the myelin sheath that surrounds peripheral neuronal axons and the actin filaments which are involved in the process of axon myelination and make up the contractile apparatus in skeletal muscle.


The candidate should have a strong background in mammalian cell culture (motorneurons, muscle cells, Schwann cells and co-culture), immunohistochemistry, tissue processing, fluorescent microscopy. A basic knowledge of muscle and/or peripheral nerve (myelin in particular) biology is expected. Knowledge in the field of hiPSC differentiation, mouse models, rare diseases will be appreciated.


Please send a CV and two reference names to: valerie.delague(at)univ-amu(dot)fr.