Our Ph.D. students in various aspects of rare disease genetics are original and successful.

Sonia Stefanovic, CRCN Inserm at the Marseille Medical Genetics Center (MMG - AMU/Inserm), will be the French scientific...

The "IMprove" project aims at developing new treatments for patients affected by epileptic encephalopathies.

SEED - A project ranked 4 / 456 for the 2019 Twinning call.

Calendar of internal seminars and theses scheduled for the 2019-2020 session.

The Bioinformatics & Genetics team together with the NeuroMyology Translational team published a tool for rapidly...

The Human Neurogenetics team has discovered a new genetic cause for Aicardi syndrome, also called early myoclonic...

Desipramine was shown to reduce apneas in a model of RTT. A phase 2 trial was performed in 36 girls with RTT.

Malformation of the aortic valve, a relatively common defect