Seminar Nathalie Théret

On  17/10/2018

Integrative approaches and predictive models applied to hepatic fibrosis and TGF-beta signaling

Fibrosis and cirrhosis are the final outcomes of all chronic liver diseases (CLD) and have been mainly associated with viral infection, alcohol drinking and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  CLDs are characterized by extensive reorganization of the extracellular matrix (ECM) that results in a change in biochemical composition and mechanical properties. Our research aims to understand how this reorganization of the ECM affects liver cell functionality, cell communication, signaling, and response to environmental contaminants. During last 10 years, we developed integrative and modeling approaches to better understand the complex dynamics of these processes and to identify new therapeutical targets. From transcritomic analysis to rule-based models, I will present some of these approaches that we developed in collaboration with computational scientists. 


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