Genomics & Bioinformatics Services

The services provided by the platform, include next generation sequencing (NGS), Sanger sequencing, qRT-PCR, CGH array and bioinformatics services.

Transcriptome by DNA microarray is available, but will progressively be replaced by RNA-Seq.

For NGS sequencing, the proposed services are the following:

  • Genomics : whole exome, targeted exome, amplicon sequencing, any DNA-Seq technology which might be developed
  • Transcriptomics : RNA-Seq (whole transcriptome or targeted transcriptome), scRNA-Seq (10X Genomics Chromium platform)
  • Epigenomics : ChIP-Seq, High-Throughput bisulfite sequencing, ATAC-seq
  • Bioinformatics: bioinformatics services will be proposed both in the experimental design and in the analysis and interpretation of the generated data. The analysis will include primary data analysis, but also, if needed, further analysis, such as variant search, CNV search or linkage analysis, depending on the researcher’s needs. The bioinformaticians from the platform will work in close connection with the Bioinformatics team (C. Béroud), in order to implement new analysis tools, which will be developed by this team.

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