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Translational Neuromyology Seminar

On  26/04/2018

Identification of genes responsible for Inherited Peripheral Neuropathies by High-Throughput Sequencing technologies presented by Zahraa HAIDAR

Invited Seminar

On  18/04/2018

Alexandra Benchoua from I-Stem " Drug discovery for neurodevelopmental disorders using human pluripotent stem cells as a model of neurogenesis". Invitation L. Villard.

Invited seminar

On  17/04/2018

Robert Fuchs "Novel approach to identify proteins that bind to DNA lesions or unusual DNA structures: potential applications to pathologies and therapeutics" host Nicolas Lévy

Invited seminar

On  13/04/2018

Bruno Reversade "A Master Switch for Limb & Lung Development" host Nicolas Lévy

Neuro endocrinology Seminar

On  12/04/2018

"Lessons from monogenic causes of hypopituitarism" presented by T. Brue

Translational Neuromyology Seminar

On  05/04/2018

Martin Krahn will be presenting

Invited Seminar

On  27/03/2018

Dr Nabila Bouatia-Naji "The genetic study of fibromuscular dysplasia: A complex and challenging clinical phenotype."

Users meeting of the Genomics and Bioinformatics platform

On  20/03/2018

Team leaders meeting

On  15/03/2018

Spectrum of craniofacial and cardiac malformation due to mosaic Hoxb1 overexpression by Heather Etchevers (Team Zaffran)

On  08/03/2018

iPS platform presentation by F. Magdinier

On  01/03/2018

Impact of NIPBL mutations on cardiac valves, focus on pulmonary and aortic valves by Fanny Boulet (Pucéat Team)

On  22/02/2018

Director/ PI meeting

On  22/02/2018

Investigating Hoxb1 function in the second heart field by Stéphane Zaffran

On  08/02/2018

Team leaders meeting

On  02/01/2018

End-of-year dinner

On  14/12/2017

Seminar “Aging, Prenylation and Cancer” team (Nicolas Lévy)

On  07/12/2017

Seminar “Heart Development and Cardiac Regeneration” team (Francesca Rochais)

On  30/11/2017

Seminar “Differentiation and Proliferation of Neuroendocrine Tissues” team (Thierry Brue)

On  21/11/2017

Thesis Defense Pauline Heux ( Stephane Zaffran Team : Genetics & development of cardiac defect)

On  21/11/2017