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Jalkh, N.  et al. 2019

The added value of WES reanalysis in the field of genetic diagnosis: lessons learned from 200 exomes in the Lebanese population

BACKGROUND: The past few decades have witnessed a tremendous development in the field of genetics. The implementation of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies revolutionized the field of...
BMC Med Genomics - issue: 1 - volume: 12 - pages: 11.

Laberthonnière, C.  et al. 2019

Bring It to an End: Does Telomeres Size Matter?

Telomeres are unique nucleoprotein structures. Found at the edge of each chromosome, their main purpose is to mask DNA ends from the DNA-repair machinery by formation of protective loops. Through life...
Cells - issue: 1 - volume: 8 - pages: .

Nair, P.  et al. 2018

Contribution of next generation sequencing in pediatric practice in Lebanon. A Study on 213 cases

BACKGROUND: According to the Catalogue of Transmission Genetics in Arabs, less than half of diseases reported in Lebanese patients are mapped. In the recent years, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)...
Mol Genet Genomic Med - issue: 6 - volume: 6 - pages: 1041-1052.

Barthélémy, F.  et al. 2018

Dysferlin Exon 32 Skipping in Patient Cells

Dysferlinopathies are rare genetic diseases affecting muscles due to mutations in DYSF. Exon 32 of DYSF has been shown to be dispensable for dysferlin functions. Here we present a method to visualize...
Methods Mol. Biol. - issue: - volume: 1828 - pages: 489-496.

Barthélémy, F.  et al. 2018

Muscle Cells Fix Breaches by Orchestrating a Membrane Repair Ballet

Skeletal muscle undergoes many micro-membrane lesions at physiological state. Based on their sizes and magnitude these lesions are repaired via different complexes on a specific spatio-temporal...
J Neuromuscul Dis - issue: 1 - volume: 5 - pages: 21-28.

Noury, J.  et al. 2018

Rigid spine syndrome associated with sensory-motor axonal neuropathy resembling Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is characteristic of Bcl-2-associated athanogene-3 gene mutations even without cardiac involvement

INTRODUCTION: Bcl-2-associated athanogene-3 (BAG3) mutations have been described in rare cases of rapidly progressive myofibrillar myopathies. Symptoms begin in the first decade with axial involvement...
Muscle Nerve - issue: 2 - volume: 57 - pages: 330-334.

Zaffran, S.  et al. 2018

Ectopic expression of Hoxb1 induces cardiac and craniofacial malformations

Members of the large family of Hox transcription factors are encoded by genes whose tightly regulated expression in development and in space within different embryonic tissues confer positional...
Genesis - issue: 6-7 - volume: 56 - pages: e23221.

Etchevers, HC.  et al. 2018

Giant congenital melanocytic nevus with vascular malformation and epidermal cysts associated with a somatic activating mutation in BRAF

Giant congenital melanocytic nevi may be symptomatically isolated or syndromic. Associations with capillary malformations are exceptional, and development of epidermal cysts has not been described. A...
Pigment Cell Melanoma Res - issue: 3 - volume: 31 - pages: 437-441.

Fultang, L.  et al. 2018

Macrophage-derived IL-1β and TNF-α regulate arginine metabolism in neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma is the most common childhood solid tumor, yet the prognosis for high-risk disease remains poor. We demonstrate here that arginase 2 (ARG2) drives neuroblastoma cell proliferation via...
Cancer Res - issue: - volume: - pages: .

De Bono, C.  et al. 2018

T-box genes and retinoic acid signaling regulate the segregation of arterial and venous pole progenitor cells in the murine second heart field

The arterial and venous poles of the mammalian heart are hotspots of congenital heart defects (CHD) such as those observed in 22q11.2 deletion (or DiGeorge) and Holt–Oram syndromes. These regions of...
Hum Mol Genet - issue: 21 - volume: 27 - pages: 3747-3760.

Lescroart, F.  et al. 2018

Hox and Tale transcription factors in heart development and disease

Hox genes are highly conserved transcription factors with critical functions during development, in particular for patterning the antero-posterior axis of the embryo. Their action is very often...
Int J Dev Biol - issue: - volume: 62 - pages: 837-846.

Hubert, F.  et al. 2018

FGF10 Signaling in Heart Development, Homeostasis, Disease and Repair

Essential muscular organ that provides the whole body with oxygen and nutrients, the heart is the first organ to function during embryonic development. Cardiovascular diseases, including acquired and...
Front Genet - issue: - volume: 9 - pages: 599.

Mégarbané, A.  et al. 2018

A novel PDE6D mutation in a patient with Joubert syndrome type 22 (JBTS22)

Joubert syndrome (JS) is an autosomal or X-linked recessive syndrome principally characterized by hypotonia, ataxia, cognitive impairment, and a specific finding on brain imaging called a "molar tooth...
Eur J Med Genet - issue: - volume: - pages: .

Bacquet, J.  et al. 2018

Molecular diagnosis of inherited peripheral neuropathies by targeted next-generation sequencing: molecular spectrum delineation

PURPOSE: Inherited peripheral neuropathies (IPN) represent a large heterogenous group of hereditary diseases with more than 100 causative genes reported to date. In this context, targeted...
BMJ Open - issue: 10 - volume: 8 - pages: e021632.

Romanet, P.  et al. 2018

UMD-MEN1 database: an overview of the 370 MEN1 variants present in 1,676 patients from the French population

Context: Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) is an autosomal dominant disease caused by mutations in the MEN1 gene characterized by a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations, of which the...
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. - issue: - volume: - pages: .

Pinard, A.  et al. 2018

Analysis of HOXB1 gene in a cohort of patients with sporadic ventricular septal defect

Ventricular septal defect (VSD) including outlet VSD of double outlet right ventricle (DORV) and perimembranous VSD are among the most common congenital heart diseases found at birth. HOXB1 encodes a...
Mol Biol Rep - issue: 5 - volume: 45 - pages: 1507-1513.

Moore-Morris, T.  et al. 2018

Role of Epigenetics in Cardiac Development and Congenital Diseases

The heart is the first organ to be functional in the fetus. Heart formation is a complex morphogenetic process regulated by both genetic and epigenetic mechanisms. Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are...
Physiol Rev - issue: 4 - volume: 98 - pages: 2453-2475.

Jaouadi, H.  et al. 2018

Novel ALPK3 mutation in a Tunisian patient with pediatric cardiomyopathy and facio-thoraco-skeletal features

Pediatric cardiomyopathy is a complex disease with clinical and genetic heterogeneity. Recently, the ALPK3 gene was described as a new hereditary cardiomyopathy gene underlying pediatric...
J. Hum. Genet. - issue: 10 - volume: 63 - pages: 1077-1082.

Blin, G.  et al. 2018

Geometrical confinement controls the asymmetric patterning of brachyury in cultures of pluripotent cells

Diffusible signals are known to orchestrate patterning during embryogenesis, yet diffusion is sensitive to noise. The fact that embryogenesis is remarkably robust suggests that additional layers of...
Development - issue: 18 - volume: 145 - pages: pii: dev166025.

Auguste, Y.  et al. 2018

Loss of Calmodulin- and Radial-Spoke-Associated Complex Protein CFAP251 Leads to Immotile Spermatozoa Lacking Mitochondria and Infertility in Men

Flagella and motile cilia share a 9 + 2 microtubule-doublet axoneme structure, and asthenozoospermia (reduced spermatozoa motility) is found in 76% of men with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)....
Am. J. Hum. Genet. - issue: 3 - volume: 103 - pages: 413-420.