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Tsuge, Y.  et al. 2019

Enhanced production of d-lactate from mixed sugars in Corynebacterium glutamicum by overexpression of glycolytic genes encoding phosphofructokinase and triosephosphate isomerase

The use of mixed sugars containing glucose and xylose in lignocellulosic biomass is desirable for the microbial production of chemicals and fuels. We investigated the effect of individual or...
J. Biosci. Bioeng. - issue: 3 - volume: 127 - pages: 288-293.

Krahn, M.  et al. 2019

A National French consensus on gene lists for the diagnosis of myopathies using next-generation sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) gene-panel-based analyses constitute diagnosis strategies which are adapted to the genetic heterogeneity within the field of myopathies, including more than 200...
Eur. J. Hum. Genet. - issue: 3 - volume: 27 - pages: 349-352.

Jullien, N.  et al. 2019

Heterozygous LHX3 mutations may lead to a mild phenotype of combined pituitary hormone deficiency

LHX3 is an LIM domain transcription factor involved in the early steps of pituitary ontogenesis. We report here functional studies of three allelic variants, including the first heterozygous variant...
Eur. J. Hum. Genet. - issue: 2 - volume: 27 - pages: 216-225.

Jalkh, N.  et al. 2019

The added value of WES reanalysis in the field of genetic diagnosis: lessons learned from 200 exomes in the Lebanese population

BACKGROUND: The past few decades have witnessed a tremendous development in the field of genetics. The implementation of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies revolutionized the field of...
BMC Med Genomics - issue: 1 - volume: 12 - pages: 11.

Laberthonnière, C.  et al. 2019

Bring It to an End: Does Telomeres Size Matter?

Telomeres are unique nucleoprotein structures. Found at the edge of each chromosome, their main purpose is to mask DNA ends from the DNA-repair machinery by formation of protective loops. Through life...
Cells - issue: 1 - volume: 8 - pages: .

Nair, P.  et al. 2018

Contribution of next generation sequencing in pediatric practice in Lebanon. A Study on 213 cases

BACKGROUND: According to the Catalogue of Transmission Genetics in Arabs, less than half of diseases reported in Lebanese patients are mapped. In the recent years, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)...
Mol Genet Genomic Med - issue: 6 - volume: 6 - pages: 1041-1052.

Barthélémy, F.  et al. 2018

Dysferlin Exon 32 Skipping in Patient Cells

Dysferlinopathies are rare genetic diseases affecting muscles due to mutations in DYSF. Exon 32 of DYSF has been shown to be dispensable for dysferlin functions. Here we present a method to visualize...
Methods Mol. Biol. - issue: - volume: 1828 - pages: 489-496.

Zaffran, S.  et al. 2018

Ectopic expression of Hoxb1 induces cardiac and craniofacial malformations

Members of the large family of Hox transcription factors are encoded by genes whose tightly regulated expression in development and in space within different embryonic tissues confer positional...
Genesis - issue: 6-7 - volume: 56 - pages: e23221.

Blin, G.  et al. 2018

Geometrical confinement controls the asymmetric patterning of brachyury in cultures of pluripotent cells

Diffusible signals are known to orchestrate patterning during embryogenesis, yet diffusion is sensitive to noise. The fact that embryogenesis is remarkably robust suggests that additional layers of...
Development - issue: 18 - volume: 145 - pages: .

Maurice, F.  et al. 2018

Active cushing syndrome patients have increased ectopic fat deposition and bone marrow fat content compared to cured patients and healthy subjects: a pilot 1H-MRS study

OBJECTIVE: Glucocorticoid excess is one of the most important causes of bone disorders. Bone marrow fat (BMF) has been identified as a l new mediator of bone metabolism. Cushing syndrome (CS), is a...
Eur. J. Endocrinol. - issue: 5 - volume: 179 - pages: 307-317.

Ludlow, AT.  et al. 2018

NOVA1 regulates hTERT splicing and cell growth in non-small cell lung cancer

Alternative splicing is dysregulated in cancer and the reactivation of telomerase involves the splicing of TERT transcripts to produce full-length (FL) TERT. Knowledge about the splicing factors that...
Nat Commun - issue: 1 - volume: 9 - pages: 3112.

Vermalle, M.  et al. 2018

Lack of functional remission in Cushing's syndrome

INTRODUCTION: Hypercortisolism leads to severe clinical consequences persisting after the onset of remission. These physical sequelae of cortisol exposure are known to profoundly impact the patient's...
Endocrine - issue: 3 - volume: 61 - pages: 518-525.

De Bono, C.  et al. 2018

T-box genes and retinoic acid signaling regulate the segregation of arterial and venous pole progenitor cells in the murine second heart field

The arterial and venous poles of the mammalian heart are hotspots of congenital heart defects (CHD) such as those observed in 22q11.2 deletion (or DiGeorge) and Holt-Oram syndromes. These regions of...
Hum. Mol. Genet. - issue: 21 - volume: 27 - pages: 3747-3760.

Paci, M.  et al. 2018

The involvement of the nuclear lamina in human and rodent spermiogenesis: a systematic review

The nuclear lamina (NL) is a filamentous protein meshwork, composed essentially of lamins, situated between the inner nuclear membrane and the chromatin. The NL is a component of the nuclear envelope,...
Basic Clin Androl - issue: - volume: 28 - pages: 7.

Lin, S.  et al. 2018

Potent effects of roniciclib alone and with sorafenib against well-differentiated thyroid cancer

Activation of cyclin-dependent kinase activity is frequently observed in many human cancers; therefore, cyclin-dependent kinases that promote cell cycle transition and cell proliferation may be...
Endocr. Relat. Cancer - issue: 10 - volume: 25 - pages: 853-864.

Vély, F.  et al. 2018

Combined Immunodeficiency in Patients With Trichohepatoenteric Syndrome

The syndromic diarrhea/trichohepatoenteric syndrome (SD/THE) is a rare and multi-system genetic disorder caused by mutation in SKIV2L or in TTC37, two genes encoding subunits of the putative human SKI...
Front Immunol - issue: - volume: 9 - pages: 1036.

Neumann, HP.  et al. 2018

65 YEARS OF THE DOUBLE HELIX: Genetics informs precision practice in the diagnosis and management of pheochromocytoma

Although the authors of the present review have contributed to genetic discoveries in the field of pheochromocytoma research, we can legitimately ask whether these advances have led to improvements in...
Endocr. Relat. Cancer - issue: 8 - volume: 25 - pages: T201-T219.

Shabana, n.  et al. 2018

Identification of genetic basis of obesity and mechanistic link of genes and lipids in Pakistani population

We aimed to identify the genetic causes of common forms of obesity in the Pakistani people and find out the mechanistic link by observing the relationship of genes and serum lipid traits. Four hundred...
Biosci. Rep. - issue: 4 - volume: 38 - pages: .

Mignon-Ravix, C.  et al. 2018

Abnormal function of the UBA5 protein in a case of early developmental and epileptic encephalopathy with suppression-burst

Early myoclonic epilepsy (EME) or Aicardi syndrome is one of the most severe epileptic syndromes affecting neonates. We performed whole exome sequencing in a sporadic case affected by EME and his...
Hum. Mutat. - issue: 7 - volume: 39 - pages: 934-938.

Manzano, A.  et al. 2018

Novel, Moon and Mars, partial gravity simulation paradigms and their effects on the balance between cell growth and cell proliferation during early plant development

Clinostats and Random Positioning Machine (RPM) are used to simulate microgravity, but, for space exploration, we need to know the response of living systems to fractional levels of gravity (partial...
NPJ Microgravity - issue: - volume: 4 - pages: 9.