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Brue, T.  et al. 2021

Novel mechanism of pituitary hormone deficiency: genetic variants shift splicing to produce a dominant negative transcription factor isoform.

Recent studies have shown a novel mechanism of combined pituitary hormone deficiency associated with mutations in POU1F1, altering the balance of alternative-splicing, which results in...
Eur J Endocrinol - issue: 6 - volume: 185 - pages: C19-C25.

Hubert, F.  et al. 2021

FGF10 promotes cardiac repair through a dual cellular mechanism increasing cardiomyocyte renewal and inhibiting fibrosis

AIMS: Promoting cardiomyocyte renewal represents a major therapeutic approach for heart regeneration and repair. Our study aims to investigate the relevance of FGF10 as a potential target for heart...
Cardiovasc Res - issue: - volume: - pages: cvab340.

Raverot, G.  et al. 2021

Aggressive pituitary tumours and pituitary carcinomas.

Although usually benign, anterior pituitary tumours occasionally exhibit aggressive behaviour, with invasion of surrounding tissues, rapid growth, resistance to conventional treatments and multiple...
Nat Rev Endocrinol - issue: 11 - volume: 17 - pages: 671-684.

Kervarrec, T.  et al. 2021

Reply to: Expanding the Spectrum of Primary Cutaneous Carcinoma With BRD3-NUTM1 Fusion.

Am J Surg Pathol - issue: 11 - volume: 45 - pages: 1584-1586.

Graillon, T.  et al. 2021

Meningiomas in patients with long-term exposition to progestins: Characteristics and outcome.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to describe progestin-associated meningiomas' characteristics, outcome and management. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We included 53 patients operated on and/or followed...
Neurochirurgie - issue: 6 - volume: 67 - pages: 556-563.

Fledderus, AC.  et al. 2021

Domains and outcomes of the core outcome set of congenital melanocytic naevi for clinical practice and research (the OCOMEN project): part 2.

BACKGROUND: Congenital melanocytic naevi (CMN) can have a great impact on patients' lives owing to perceived stigmatization, and the risk of melanoma development and neurological complications....
Br J Dermatol - issue: 5 - volume: 185 - pages: 970-977.

Lasbleiz, A.  et al. 2021

Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia: the challenge of diagnosis.

Endocrine - issue: - volume: - pages: .

Fourneaux, R.  et al. 2021

Acromegaly in remission: a view from the partner.

OBJECTIVE: A relative can be an asset in dealing with chronic illnesses, such as acromegaly, where quality of life (QoL) is altered even after remission. However, it has been shown that quality of...
Eur J Endocrinol - issue: 6 - volume: 185 - pages: K21-K25.

Khasawneh, R.  et al. 2021

Msx1 haploinsufficiency modifies the Pax9-deficient cardiovascular phenotype.

Background Successful embryogenesis relies on the coordinated interaction between genes and tissues. The transcription factors Pax9 and Msx1 genetically interact during mouse craniofacial...
BMC Dev Biol - issue: 21 - volume: 14 - pages: .

Bensimon-Brito, A.  et al. 2021

Integration of multiple imaging platforms to uncover cardiovascular defects in adult zebrafish

Aims: Mammalian models have been instrumental in investigating adult heart function and human disease. However, electrophysiological differences with human hearts and high costs motivate the need for...
Cardiovasc Res - issue: - volume: - pages: Online ahead of print..

d'Artigues, J.  et al. 2021

Fully endoscopic endonasal approach for the treatment of intrasellar arachnoid cysts.

PURPOSE: To report our experience of endoscopic endonasal obliteration of symptomatic sellar arachnoid cyst (SAC). METHODS: From 2002 to 2019, we retrospectively reported the data of 17 cases of SAC...
Pituitary - issue: - volume: - pages: .

Tarasco, M.  et al. 2021

New insights into benzo[⍺]pyrene osteotoxicity in zebrafish

Persistent and ubiquitous organic pollutants, such as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon benzo[⍺]pyrene (BaP), represent a major threat to aquatic organisms and human health. Beside some...
Ecotoxicol Environ Saf - issue: - volume: 226 - pages: 112838..

Maraninchi, M.  et al. 2021

Role of growth hormone in hepatic and intestinal triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism.

BACKGROUND: Elevated plasma concentrations of hepatic- and intestinally-derived triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (TRL) are implicated in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and...
J Clin Lipidol - issue: 5 - volume: 15 - pages: 712-723.

Kervarrec, T.  et al. 2021

Reevaluation of GLI1 Expression in Skin Tumors.

Am J Dermatopathol - issue: 10 - volume: 43 - pages: 759-761.

Haniffa, M.  et al. 2021

A roadmap for the Human Developmental Cell Atlas

The Human Developmental Cell Atlas (HDCA), as part of the Human Cell Atlas, aims to generate a comprehensive reference map of cells during development. This detailed study of development will be...
Nature - issue: 7875 - volume: 597 - pages: 196-205.

Moyon, A.  et al. 2021

Comparison of a New 68Ga-Radiolabelled PET Imaging Agent sCD146 and RGD Peptide for In Vivo Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Mouse Model of Myocardial Infarction

Ischemic vascular diseases are associated with elevated tissue expression of angiomotin (AMOT), a promising molecular target for PET imaging. On that basis, we developed an AMOT-targeting radiotracer,...
Cells - issue: 9 - volume: 10 - pages: 2305.

Haniffa, M.  et al. 2021

A roadmap for the Human Developmental Cell Atlas.

The Human Developmental Cell Atlas (HDCA) initiative, which is part of the Human Cell Atlas, aims to create a comprehensive reference map of cells during development. This will be critical to...
Nature - issue: 7875 - volume: 597 - pages: 196-205.

Macagno, N.  et al. 2021

NUT Is a Specific Immunohistochemical Marker for the Diagnosis of YAP1-NUTM1-rearranged Cutaneous Poroid Neoplasms.

YAP1-NUTM1 fusion transcripts have been recently reported in poroma and porocarcinoma. NUTM1 translocation can be screened by nuclear protein in testis (NUT) immunohistochemistry in various...
Am J Surg Pathol - issue: 9 - volume: 45 - pages: 1221-1227.

Novoa-del-Toro, EM.  et al. 2021

A multi-objective genetic algorithm to find active modules in multiplex biological networks

The identification of subnetworks of interest—or active modules—by integrating biological networks with molecular profiles is a key resource to inform on the processes perturbed in different cellular...
PLoS Comput Biol - issue: 8 - volume: 17 - pages: e1009263.

Ben Aim, L.  et al. 2021

International initiative for a curated SDHB variant database improving the diagnosis of hereditary paraganglioma and pheochromocytoma.

BACKGROUND: SDHB is one of the major genes predisposing to paraganglioma/pheochromocytoma (PPGL). Identifying pathogenic SDHB variants in patients with PPGL is essential to the management of patients...
J Med Genet - issue: - volume: - pages: .